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Mar 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
korea definitely has america's attention. they are protecting against possible missal attacks. kim jong-un watched a live fire exercise. chuck hagle announced 14 new missal intercepters will be built in alaska. the announcement comes in response to north korea's unexpectedly quick weapons advances such as nuclear tests and long-range missal launches and an inter continental missal that could his alaska conceivably. but nobody knows if the american intercepter system will actually work. >> we have never had a test against the kinds of missals that north korea would shoot at us. the only way we will find out is in a real world scenario. >> north korea stepped up its rhetoric threatening to carry out preemptive nuclear attacks on washington, d.c. >>> the head keeper where an intern was killed by a lion last week is expressing her emotions for the first time since this tragedy. the cat haven reopened after diana hanson was killed march 6th. the 24-year-old intern is being remembered by family and friends as a passionate conservationist. the head keeper was the first to discover hanson. she is
Mar 30, 2013 11:45pm PDT
's in a state of wore against south korea. the announcement came after a call by kim jong-un to put walking units on standby. the it's believed it's aimed to draw the white house into talks. >> people to be evacuated phloem eiffel tower after an anonymous caller made a threat. >>> a school bus aide is arrested in florida after she was caught on video harassing a five-year-old child with disabilities. some of you may find this individual joe -- video disturbing. [shouting] >> ama: school bus surveillance video shows the 37-year-old woman repeatedly attacking the boy. happened while the child rode the bus to and from school. police were alerted to the situation by school security and the department of children and families. mcpherson is charged with stalking the child, bull using the child, yelling at him, and threatening him, bringing him to tears. >>> still to come at 11:00. why so many drivers still haven't gotten the message about the changes on the golden gate bridge. >>> why it's going to cost you more to do a little shopping in some parts of the bay area next week. >>> the modern chang
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2